Grocery Guide

This guide is your passport to the neighborhood and the abundance of locally owned businesses offering fresh, affordable and healthy food.

Why shop locally?

For every $1 spent at a local small business, 64 cents remains within the local economy compared to 32 cents for big-box and chain businesses.

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James Johnson-Piett
Principal, Urbane Development LLC

My goal is to see that the residents of the Lower East Side eat healthy foods and live a healthy life.

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Dalia Soto
Two Bridges Resident

There is somewhat of a culture divide and maybe something of an economic divide [shopping for food in this neighborhood]. It’s everyone’s responsibility to cross that.

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Landry Ndremihaja
Two Bridges Resident

Who is in the Grocery Guide?

Diversified small and medium-sized, family-run businesses are the heart of our community and our local economy.

Two Bridges residents come from all over the world— over 50 countries are represented.

About Two Bridges

For more than half a century, Two Bridges Neighborhood Council’s programs, projects, and activities have nurtured the unique character of the Lower East Side by building bridges among its diverse communities. We create equitable housing, celebrate cultural diversity through neighborhood-based programs, and work together with local residents, businesses, entrepreneurs, and leaders to stimulate and maintain economic vitality. Two Bridges is committed to protecting and enhancing access to fresh and affordable food in the Two Bridges neighborhood.

The Two Bridges neighborhood on Manhattan’s Lower East Side is among the most diverse neighborhoods in New York. From Chinese bakeries to Latino groceries; halal and kosher meat stores to produce stands featuring dozens of types fruits and vegetables; corner bodegas to full-service grocers, we see strength and resilience in this diversity. We also believe that food can serve as a cultural bridge between diverse members of the Two Bridges community

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